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French Society of Clinical Cytology

Welcome to the 50th anniversary of the French Society of Clinical Cytology. Looking at the Past and into the Future
of Cytopathology: 22th November 2017, Convention Centre “Palais des Congrès”, Paris, France

Dear colleagues, dear friends

As you know there is no EFCS congress this year. So we will now meet  only in Madrid, June 2018.

In France the French Society of Cytology has decided to organize, for its anniversary, a specific SFCC session during our National Congress of Pathology that will be held in Paris: the SFCC will be 50 years old !!!
Since we have invited some of the best international speakers in order to have a wide overview about all the different cytological topics this specific session will be exclusively in English
We have offered 140 grants for our residents because the aim of this day is to promote cytology for our youngest colleagues
In the evening we have also decided to attend a play in a Parisian theater that will have an english translation
We would be very pleased if you could join us in Paris for our birthday and/or offer a one day top cytology to some of your young residents or assistants

Be careful the deadline for registration is very soon: July 15th

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