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Dear ESP Members,

Whether you’re a young Pathology trainee or an experienced specialist, we’ve got some news for you, and we need your help to spread the word!

As the current Trainee Subcommittee Chair, Dr. Aleksandra Starzyńska will be stepping down from her current role, we are looking for young, enthusiastic Pathology trainees to take over!


From September 2017 onwards, for a total duration of 2 years!

Are you a Pathology trainee?

Yes? Would you like to chair the Trainee’s Subcommittee and make a difference in Pathology Trainees’ lives across Europe? If we’ve caught your attention, check out the attached flyer for more information about the application process, the requirements and the deadline!

Hurry up, applications should be received by April 28th!

Are you a senior specialist?

Will you help us spread the word and make sure we pick the best possible replacement who can continue Dr Starzyńska’s excellent work? Feel free to download the attached flyer, forward it to your own trainees or students, print it and display it on Notice Boards in your University/hospital or generally spread the word among your contacts!

What exactly is it about?

To make a long story short, the new Chair of the Trainee Committee is in charge of promoting and representing the interests of young pathologists in Europe:

S/he will:
• Coordinate projects and promote ideas regarding the Trainee Subcommittee
• Prepare Trainee Sessions during the annual ESP Congress
• Attend meetings of the ESP Council and make the voice of young pathologists heard

Want to find out even more? Check our Dr. Starzyńska’s testimony about her experience as Subcommittee Chair!

Think of it as your chance to get involved and organize useful, educational or social activities for Pathology Trainees from across Europe!

Send us your application by April 28th at

Looking forward to hearing from you,

The ESP Team

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